Unmounted Coaching

Being a great rider is not all about what you do in the saddle, its about what you do both in and out of the saddle!!  We know that mindset is important in all things, lets face it, if we feel positive about something, we look forward to it and enjoy it!  It is also important to be fit, supple, flexible and have good balance when we ride.  Maddi loves to work with riders out of the saddle on their mindset and rider fitness as she believe this is the key to you achieving your goals with your horse.  She strongly believes that being a great coach is not just about focussing all the coaching in the saddle.

Maddi is a Centre 10 Advanced Coach and an NLP Master Practitioner and really enjoys working with riders out of the saddle.  Whether she is working with riders to improve their performance in the ring, or she’s working with a rider who desperately wants to be able to hack out, but nerves won’t allow, she is invested in finding the very best way to get you what you want.Goal setting sessions and performance analysis sessions are very popular and don’t have to be done face to face, with many being done online!  Group goal setting sessions are also quite popular among yards, friends, riding clubs and camps.So, if you really want to excel in your riding, get yourself some unmounted sessions!

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